Tailor made suit

The tailor made suit, also called made to measure suit, is the best a man can get when it comes to suits. Mandemaker Suits has over 10 years experience in producing the finest suits in the Netherlands. Our tailor can take your measurements in our showroom in Haarlem. Or alternatively our travelling tailor can visit you at home or in the office.

Our tailor made suits are made exclusively for you. Every detail is hand crafted according to your wishes. From the lining to the buttonholes on the sleeve. You may choose a classical English style. Or maybe go for a slick Italian outfit? Whatever you choose your tailor made suit will be perfect.

The fabrics range from simple wools to classy and elegant merino from the best mills in the world. We will only use the best for your made to measure suit! Beside custom made suit we also make coats, shirts, morning coats, waistcoats etc. All made to measure.

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