Black suit

The black suit in the Netherlands is uncommon. At least at business occasions. Going into the night we see people donning their black suits and tuxedos. And occasionally for weddings and church visits a black suit is purchased. In the USA black is a common color at weddings. Much more so than in Europe. Also we note this is a popular color with Asians. Given their complexion black often works well.

A men (or woman) wearing a black suit exudes elegance, authority and power. A full black outfit can look very sharp and refined, if properly implemented. The black suitkey to success is combining different textures so you wont disappear in a black hole. Choose for example a shirt made from cotton, knitted silk tie, patent leather shoes and a wool suit. You can also combine a black suit with modest colors but don’t exaggerate. If you want to look formal combine your black suit with a white shirt and a black or red tie and black leather shoes. If you have black hair and light skin the black suit is good for you. Combine it with a bright white shirt and you will look sharp as a razor!

If you heed our advise you can’t go wrong with a black suit. Unless it doesn’t fit you. And that’s why we at Mandemaker are your best choice for having your black suit made. Choose us for a perfect fit and a fully customizable suit. Want to read more about black suits? Check this excellent site.