evening tailcoat

The evening tail coat made to measure belongs to the classic wardrobe. The tail coat is the most formal evening clothing a man can wear. The coat is meant to wear on formal occasions in the evening, such as at a gala. Despite you wouldn’t wear the tail coat often it’s nice to have one.We would love to make a tailor-made evening tail coat to your wishes. The tail coat will be made to measure so it will fit you perfectly. The name of the tail coat comes from the long tail the tail coat has.  evening tailcoat

Most of the time the tail coat will be worn in the evening, that’s why you can also call it an evening tail coat. Unlike the jacquet, the evening tail coat will not be worn much outside. Most off the time people wear the tail coat inside. Accessories seen the most with the evening tail coat are white hanky and black patent leathers. Also the white shawl fits the tail coat good.

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