Grey suit

A grey suit is a must have for every wardrobe. It’s the suit that will make you look safe, familiar and professional. The color is timeless and you can always wear it. The grey suit can be combined with a lot of different colors because it doesn’t bring up any emotions on its own. In business grey suitsurroundings combine the suit with a white shirt. But also light blue and pink can work. For a formal appearance choose a plain shirt.

In a casual environment the colors of your shirt may be very flashy. But also typical fall colors such as brown, yellow and dark green can work. The big benefit of a grey suit is that it will not look bad with other colors. All combinations are possible.

In summer wear lighter greys. In winter choose a dark solid colour. Combine your perfectly fitted apparel with black shoes and nothing can go wrong.

We have a lot more than 50 shades! Make an appointment for your tailor made grey suit today.

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