Men’s suit in the Netherlands

A men’s suit is an iconic piece of clothing.

A suit fits your personality and gives you the chance to send people a message without even talking to them. You can do this with the color of your suit. For example blue represents authority, structure, communication, dependability,men's suit trust and loyalty. Don’t wear too much blue or, especially in dark shades, because it can project coldness. You can wear blue when you want to radiate power, be conservative, respected, have mental control or communicate an important message. It is not smart to wear blue when you feel isolated, depressed or critical.

With a grey suit you give out a total different message. Grey is the color of neutral professionalism, it sends the message that you are knowledgeable and successful. But some shades are associated with bleakness or age. Overuse of grey leads to feelings of being invisible, but a touch adds feelings of stability.

For every message you want to bring out there is a color. That’s what makes a suit special to a men, and a good suit is a must have.

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