Wedding suit

You are getting married? Congratulations! Getting married is one of the most fun things you can do. Although it can be a lot of work. But don’t worry about your wedding suit. Because we will worry for you. Our mission is to make the perfect suit for your wedding.

A suit that fits the most special day of your life, a piece of clothing that has a story behind it. Your wedding suit will mean more to you than any other suit you own. That day you are in the center of attention and all eyes are on your wife and you. It is the time to show your friends, family and your wife just how good you can look.

There are endless possibilities to make your wedding suit the suit of your life. But most importantly you will need a suit that fits you. At Mandemaker we can make you a suit that will fit you perfectly and meet your needs.

So when the day comes, and you are in the middle of attention, you will shine more than ever before.

Interested? Make an appointment for your wedding suit. We have flexible working hours, evenings and weekends are not a problem. Also we offer a travelling tailor service. Have your suit fitted in the comfort of your home.